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Springbud FD-500B Fda Fetal Doppler

Springbud FD-500B Fda Fetal Doppler

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SpringBud FD-500B Fetal Doppler tracks baby’s heartbeat with 2MHz Probe by using the latest technology. It allows new moms to hear the heartbeat of their babies in an easy way and reduce anxiety. It comes with an LCD screen, built-in speaker and headphone jack. The LCD screen displays the battery status, heart rate in BPM (Beats Per Minute).

1.High sensitivity doppler probe
2.Easy to use
3.Output for headphones and built-in speaker
4.Clearly hear your baby’s sounds of heartbeat
5.Real-time FHR display on LCD screen

1. Connect the probe with the detector’s main body
2. Lying completely flat on the back.
3. Add a glob of ultrasound gel to the stomach region
4. Grab the fetal doppler and place it within the ultrasound gel. Once it is in a good location, turn the device on.
5. Starting at the pubic bone (located directly under the stomach) the person operation the fetal doppler should slowly slide it up the stomach to the belly button area. 

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