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Starlight Dreams Crib Mattress

Starlight Dreams Crib Mattress

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Our Starlight Dream is no ordinary crib mattress and it really knows how to protect itself. It is crafted with meticulous attention to detail ensuring a hygienic sleep surface for your child.

The Starlight Dream is covered in a 2- way stretch, medical grade fabric that is pliable, allowing it to support when pressure is applied by the baby/child’s weight. The flexing fabric allows the foam to contour to the child’s body, providing comfort and support to all the touch points. This cover material is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, while also being odor/stain resistant (but not proof).

Dual- sided is the next great feature of this mattress. It has a high-density foam side to ensure a firm surface for your infant and a softer toddler side that provides comfort and support to babies’ developing body.

The 90* squared corner design as well as the dropped double-inverted side seams provide a perfect fit in the crib while eliminating worry about dust mites and bed bugs.

We even use a fiberglass free Fire Barrier, so our crib mattress has no chemical fire retardant in it.

All Moonlight crib mattresses are made in the USA and come with a Certi-Pur Certification as well as UL GreenGuard Gold Certification. This is very important as our Certi-Pur Foam guarantees that our foam does not have any of the chemicals on the CHCC List (Chemicals of High Concern for Children), while the GreenGuard Gold certification means the mattress itself is not off-gassing and is deemed safe for infants.

Moonlight Slumber is known for its commitment to quality. Our crib mattresses are built in the USA and made to last. Each mattress comes with an 8- year Product Warranty.

Frequently asked Questions:

Does this mattress require a mattress pad/cover? That answer is up to you, as the mattress is waterproof and designed to protect itself. We do however point out that it is odor & stain resistant, not proof. So, we say, “if you want the mattress to stay pristine white and look as great year 5 as it did day 1, then put a high-quality mattress cover on it.” Moonlight offers the Little Dreamer 100% cotton waterproof mattress cover that is also MADE IN THE USA & is GreenGuard Gold certified.

Does this mattress breathe? Yes. Through a process called VMT, (Vapor Moisture Transmission), substances in a gaseous state, like the air we breathe, can pass through, as evidenced by the compression/inflation of the foam which compresses and reinflates as air travels through it.

How do I clean this mattress? Because our cover is a medial grade fabric, you never want to use any

type of harsh cleaner or alcohol- based wipes, as they will eat away at the fabric. Instead, simply wipe down with a warm washcloth & mild soap.

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